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Disclaimer: Due to the unpredictable nature of leather offcuts, colours may vary from those photographed. However, do feel free to indicate your preference in colour upon checkout, and Semicolon Works will do the best they can to accede to your requests. 


The Hana (V'day Edition)

Designer: Joylynn Chua Ming Er

Inspired by blossoming flowers, this coin pouch imitates the natural motion for one to access their coins. It’s floral form also makes it a statement piece. 


Price: S$99.00/Piece

100mm (L) x 110mm (B) x 15mm (Thickness)


- 1 x The Hana Coin pouch

- Gift box that includes 3 paper flowers and

paper leaves

- Free Debossing of two initials.


Lead Time:

Order to be confirmed before 1st February 2019 for delivery on 14th February 2019.


Design Registration Number: 30201805113T

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