Bakers Beyond
Co-designing a baking studio with underprivileged mothers under Beyond Social Services.
Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle!
A collaboration event with our industry partner to showcase student designs using cardboard boxes during the festive season!
Urban Living Room
An exhibition and community engagement event in collaboration with URA and Triple Eyelid near Tras Link Park.
IFFS 2019
SANAGA: A collaboration by Cellini, Djalin and etc.lab to design a range of furniture for a kindergarten in Tasikmalaya,
Kampung Naga, Indonesia.
SingaPlural 2019
A collaborative installation between Cellini, Synergraphic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic at Singapore Design Week's SingaPlural 2019.
Sanaga School + Furniture
The Kampung Naga Kindergarten is designed by Sustainable Urban Design & Engineering (Architecture) students under the Design Studio 2 service-learning module.
Our Yard @ Katong
Co-designing a garden playground with the community at Katong.
Bamboo Workshop 2018
Year 2 Architecture students attended a 3-days bamboo workshop in Bandung, conducted by Dr Andry from Institute Technology of Bandung.
SingaPlural 2018
A collaborative installation between Cellini, Djalin and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, at Singapore Design Week's SingaPlural 2018.
gift4good: leather artisans
etc.lab and Semicolon works provides a stepping stone for year 1 projects to go from concept to reality.
Defining design direction for TEDxNTU 2018 event.
Bex Asia & ArchXpo 2018
An exhibition to showcase students’ work on the kindergarten at Kampong Naga, Tasikmalaya, East Java, Indonesia.
Sembalun Community Development Centre
Co-designing a community centre with the youths from Sembalun Village, East Lombok, Indonesia.
Sembalun Bumbung Kindergarten
The kindergarten was constructed with the community of Sembalun Bumbung in 2017 as part of the Youth Expedition Project.
Rejuvenating LYC
Overall library design gesture of the element of ‘play’ and together with survey results tabulated from participatory design using pop-up Visual Representation boards.
Interactive Model @ Design Orchard
Lien Ying Chow Library
Design Consultancy for NP Library
etc.lab works with Estate Development to look into rejuvenating utilitarian and forgotten spaces in the NP Campus by injecting fun and youthful energy.
BEX Asia 2017
etc.lab exhibited our staff and students’ works on transitional shelter design at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.
shelter+ is a transitional shelter prototype developed by etc.lab for disaster-relief temporary housing.
SingaPlural 2017
12 Scenes of Delight in Italy and Singapore by Ngee Ann Polytechnic, at Singapore Design Week's SingaPlural 2017.
The Locker Room & Bodywerkz
Design consultancy project for Ngee Ann Polytechnic Students’ Development Office (SDO)
Pollinate @ JTC Launchpad
Design consultancy for The Sandbox (NP).
An online platform that bridge designers with local industry professionals who can assist with various design needs.
Commercialisation of a student's project
Defining design direction for TEDxSingapore 2017 event.
Student Services and Visitors Centre
Design consultancy for Students and Alumni Services (NP).
Kindergarten @ Sembalun Lawang. A youth project to design and build a preschool in Lombok, Indonesia from local materials and with local skills.
Concrete Workshop
The year 2 Sustainable Urban Design and Engineering students participated in the Concrete Workshop conducted by the Everything Concrete Store on 4th and 11th January 2017 in our Design Studio.
BEX Asia 2016
etc.lab which is part of the Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Design & Environment is curating a body of works which exemplifies the lab’s mission of empowering communities through design.
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