Pangalengan Playground

Design & Build Studio - Education Lab

The playground was constructed with the community of Pangalengan, Bandung in 2013 as part of the Youth Expedition Project. The playground was designed for children in the village of Babakan Salam which was affected by the large West Java earthquake in September 2009.

The playground aimed to provide a space for fun, exploratory play, education and a sense of adventure for children who have been subjected to trauma, fear and isolation due to the earthquake.


The playground was conceptualized as a mountain and this has inspired the form of the playground with its slanted walls. Along these slanted planes of the playground are various courses to reach to the top such as a rock-climbing wall, rope ladder and cargo net. Inside the heart of the playground is a space for respite with a swing made of old tyre and a chalkboard for creative expression or even as an informal learning space. The landscape around the playground was also carefully curated to evoke meandering rivers flanked by flowering plants. An obstacle course made of ropes and wooden steps was introduced to allow children to cross the ‘river’ to reach the ‘mountain’. At the top of the ‘mountain’ is a platform where children can rest and have a commanding view of the village around.


The playground was built using local materials and labour. The main material used is pine wood that is easily available in the mountainous area of Pangalengan. The aim of the playground was also to restore hope and confidence for the children, allowing these children to simply be children and promote imaginative and explorative play.