Sembalun Lawang Library/Playground

Design & Build Studio - Education Lab

The library/playground was constructed with the community of Sembalun Lawang in 2014 as part of the Youth Expedition Project. It was envisioned to allow the intersection of learning and play, thus dissolving the boundaries in between them. Play elements such as a climbing wall, ball pit, slide, tunnel, cargo net reside in between the multiple levels of study, reading and resting areas.


The library/playground was built using local materials and labour. Local timber was used for the main structure, and plywood used for the various platforms that house different activities. Furniture and shelves were also built-in as part of the structure. Different types of materials were used for the wall to suit the different functions behind them. Solid plywood wall was used to provide a backing for rock-climbing activity. Louvred bamboo walls allow for cross-ventilation and ample lighting for the reading and study areas.


This library/playground provide a safe space for the village children to learn and play without any inhibitions. It has now become a gathering space for both formal and informal activities to take place in the village.