ACE Outdoor Playroom

Sustainable design - Research Lab

The ACE Playroom is an extension of the learning space for students from the Academy of Childhood Education (ACE). The playroom is modelled after the library/playground that was built in Sembalun Lawang, Lombok, Indonesia as part of the design/build showcase of etc.lab. The form of the playroom is similar with multiple platforms linked by various elements such as cargo net, ladder, poles and slide. Each platform serves to engage the users differently. Starting from the first platform which has the biggest footprint, acts a gathering and meeting place where learning could take place. The second platform evoke imaginative play and exploration. The third platform which is the highest and nearest to the tree branches provide a contemplative place to rest and relax amidst nature. Integrated landscape features such as green wall, roofs and water harvesting elements will be incorporated to evoke the senses of the users.


The structure of the playroom will be made of steel. Timber louvers will be used for the building façade to allow for natural ventilation throughout and visual connection to the environment around. The playroom will provide an alternative learning space for students from the Early Childhood Education to be outdoors and close to nature and inspire them to craft better learning experience for their future students.